About the artist

“I am a Melbourne based artist, living for most of my life in the bayside area but now living in a inner city suburb. Time spent drawing and painting allows me to be transported into a place of relaxation and stillness – a rare thing in the busy life I lead between my family and friends, work in the healthcare industry and staying fit and healthy.

My work is primarly observational studies of beautiful and interesting creatures and features from nature. Australian animals, exotic birds and African animals are among my favourite subjects. I love to see these creatures with my own eyes, photograph them and then create a piece from this combined collection of information.

I work mostly in graphite and coloured pencils which allow a great level of detail, letting me achieve a degree of realism, depth and warmth. I also regularly challenge myself to use other medium such as pastel and watercolour, which forces me to loosen up and enjoy a more free moving style and process.

I have been an active member of the Mentone Mordialloc Art Group for over fifteen years and won several awards at their exhibitions during that time. I had my first solo exhibition at St. Nicholas Gallery Mordialloc in 2014 and my second one in a March 2017 at Gallery 550 ,Richmond .

Currently I have 14 pieces on show at Flockhart Deli, in Abbotsford.

I am currently a member of Victorian Artist Society (VAS) and won a highly commended in the winter exhibition.I am also a member of AGRA and recently was awarded a commendation in their Spring Exhibition.

I have also exhibited previously in the Chelsea Art Show, Kingston Art Gallery, Wine and Cheese Gallery, Domino’s Cafe, Grace’s Cafe , Alfred Health,VAS, AGRA, Bayside Art Show and Mordialloc Wine Bar as well as having pieces in private homes in New Zealand, England, France and throughout Australia.”

If you’d like to make an enquiry about Kaye’s work, please complete the form below:

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